Where to find the Database of Indicators?

You can find the Database of Indicators on the Official Statistics Portal, at https://osp.stat.gov.lt/statistiniu-rodikliu-analize#/.


Where to find the statistical indicators of EU countries?

Eurostat publishes official, harmonised European Union, euro area, European statistical indicators. This information is provided on the Eurostat's website in English, German and French.

You can also visit Statistics Explained – an official Eurostat's website presenting all statistical topics in an easily understandable way. Wikipedia-like presentation of information will help you find information about statistical indicators, calculation methodology, definitions of statistical terms and other related information in an easy manner.

Information about European statistics in Lithuanian is provided at Statistics Lithuania (29 Gedimino Ave., 01500 Vilnius), by phone +370 689 76 725, email [email protected], on the Internet  eurostatgidas.stat.gov.lt.


Do I have to pay for statistical data?

Statistical information per se is free of charge. Everyone can use the Database of Indicators, electronic publications of Statistics Lithuania and all other publicly available statistical information; you can also contact us by phone or email.


I am starting a business. How do I learn the code of my future economic activity?

All economic activities are listed in the Classification of Economic Activities. If you have any questions about the classification of economic activities, contact us by tel. +370 613 31 730, e-mail [email protected].


How to submit filled-in statistical questionnaires to Statistics Lithuania?

You can fill in statistical questionnaires in the new electronic statistical business data preparation and transfer system e.Statistika.

If you have questions about connection to the system, functionality of the system, please contact us by tel. +370 687 82 325,
+370 650 77 491, e-mail [email protected].


Are enterprises obliged to fill in statistical questionnaires? Which enterprises are obliged to fill in statistical questionnaires?

Article 14 of the Law on Statistics of the Republic of Lithuania establishes that legal persons and enterprises, agencies and organisations having no legal personality must provide statistical data free of charge for the implementation of the Official Statistics Work Programme.

Statistics Lithuania carries out annual and short-term statistical surveys. Annual surveys encompass most of the enterprises. Short-term statistical surveys are conducted through sampling methods; however, they also usually encompass all enterprises with 50 and more employees and income exceeding LTL 1 million – because of the significance of such enterprises. According to the Statistical Business Register, enterprises having 50 and more employees make up just 5 per cent of all enterprises operating in Lithuania, which is why all of them are included in most of the annual and short-term statistical surveys.

In case of small and medium enterprises, a random sample is selected. However, in the process of random sampling, certain principles are always observed:

  1. Enterprises are grouped into strata according to their economic activity. Subsequently, each stratum, in turn, is divided into substrata according to enterprise size, and out of each such substratum a random sample is selected.

  2. Enterprises are kept in a sample for a year. After a year, the sample is rotated, i.e. part of enterprises (about 25 per cent) is randomly removed from the sample, and new enterprises are randomly selected instead. A larger-scale rotation is not possible because it would complicate the comparison of results. Rotation becomes nearly impossible if the sample size is small. For that reason, even small enterprises may be statistically significant, hence constantly included in statistical surveys for the sole reason that the number of enterprises of such type and size in Lithuania is very small.


Can a browser impact on the functioning of the Official Statistics Portal?

Yes. We recommend that you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Both those browsers update automatically, so the version of the browser has no impact on the functioning.

If you are using Internet Explorer, the screen view may be distorted. In such case, we recommend that you select Tools in the Explorer menu bar and untick Compatibility View.



Where can I find an indexation coefficient for a periodic child maintenance allowance (alimony)?

Information on this webpage is not translated into English.


Why do I receive calls from Statistics Lithuania?

Information on this webpage is not translated into English.


Document updated: 2023-01-30