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The signature of the Treaty of Rome in 1957 created the European family. 50 years of the Treaty of Rome was celebrated in 2007. You will find the Eurostat brochure dedicated to this celebration at:

An annual statistical work programme covers the priorities of the Commission as regards statistical work for a certain year.

European Statistical Programme 2020 (PDF)

European Statistical Programme 2019 (PDF)

Eurostat updates the Statistical requirements compendium every year taking into account new legislation and other developments relevant for European official statistics. The Statistical requirements compendium for 2019 can be found here:

Since 2012 the annual ESS Report proposed by PG meeting (30 March 2012) and welcomed by the ESSC (23–24 May 2012) has been published each year.

The main purpose of the ESS report will be to enhance the visibility of the ESS and to give an overview of the most important achievements of the ESS over the last year. The report should also serve as a general accountability report and, therefore, be understandable for a wide public.

Document updated: 2020-02-04