+ Information Centre

Tel. +370  689 76 725
Email [email protected]

Office hours:

Monday–Thursday: 8 am to 5 pm
Friday: 8 am to 3:45 pm

Applications, complaints and other documents are submitted, and statistical information is provided at the Information Centre. Press conferences, meetings with users of statistical information, and other small events are organized here.


+ Official statistics portal


Tel. +370  689 76 725
Email [email protected]

The Official Statistics Portal is a multifunctional website serving as a gateway to all official statistics.

In the Database of Indicators on the Portal, users can access the indicators provided for by the Official Statistics Work Programme.

The Official Statistics Portal provides news releases, publications, video reports, infographics, relevant articles, messages on the indicators updated in the Database of Indicators, experimental statistics.

Information on publications available in the library is provided in the electronic catalogue.

All statistical indicators produced under the Official Statistics Work Programme (including census databases) are integrated into the database of the Portal, i.e., the indicators produced by other institutions are provided not via links to different websites, publications, news releases, etc. but are accessible in a single database. This essentially improves their comparability and facilitates analysis. Users may create charts, maps, export tables to different formats, save files in their account, subscribe to indicator updates.  It is of particular use for the users who need a detailed analysis of social and economic phenomena.

The Official Statistics Portal contains the Central Database of Classifications, the Dictionary of Statistical Terms, special sections for certain user groups.


Database of Indicators

Tel. +370 630 68 245, +370 631 78 021
Email [email protected]

The Database of Indicators allows users to interactively, and free of charge, form tables from selected data.

A data analysis tool is meant for linking indicators from different domains, calculation of totals, differences, averages, medians, maximum and minimum values.  One table may be used as a basis for forming several different charts or maps.

Subscription to news

Tel. +370  689 76 725
Email [email protected]

After you have registered (signed up) on the Official Statistics Portal, you can subscribe to news. You can receive the news to your email or as a newsletter to your user account. You can subscribe to news releases, information on new publications or new indicators uploaded to the Database of Indicators.  You can subscribe to information by domain.

Individual requests

Tel. +370 689 76 725
Email [email protected]

Statistics Lithuania provides statistical information on individual request (enquiry). Individual request (enquiry) is a request by a user to provide him/her with a certain piece of statistical information, submitted via the Official Statistics Portal. A response to the request (enquiry) is prepared by the divisions of Statistics Lithuania within the area of their competence.  Statistical information collected, processed and published under the Official Statistics Work Programme on the Official Statistics Portal or in statistical publications is available free of charge.


Open data

Tel. +370 631 78 021
Email [email protected]

Statistics Lithuania, aiming to better satisfy the need for statistical information, provides users with opportunities to access public files with data on statistical units.  The files consist of anonymised records prepared in such a way that the statistical unit cannot be identified, whether directly or indirectly. Users can access the following public files: statistical labour force survey (carried out quarterly), statistical adult education survey (carried out every 5 years), statistical income and living conditions survey (carried out annually), statistical household budget survey (carried out annually).

These Open data files are free of charge.


+ Central Database of Classifications

Tel. +370 613 31 730
Email [email protected]

In the Central Database of Classifications, international classifications and their national versions, national classifications and related classified information are stored and published.


+ Issuing permission to reuse health data

To apply for permission to reuse health data, please contact: tel. +370 655 42 038,
e-mail Mrs. [email protected].