Statistics Lithuania carries out the investment project Development of the System for the Collection of Primary Statistical Data on Prices of Consumer Goods and Services and Compilation of Consumer Price Indices. The Project is financed from the State Budget of the Republic of Lithuania.

Duration of the Project: 1 January 2016–31 December 2017

The purpose of the Project is modernisation of the m-partner system for the collection of primary statistical data on prices of consumer goods and services and compilation of consumer price indices in order to automate data collection from online sources. During the implementation of the investment project, a new module of computerized price collection will be developed. Functionality of this module will allow the automated collection of prices of consumer goods and services from online data sources, their processing and use for the purpose of production of consumer price statistics.

Improvement of Official Statistics Portal (OSP) services and functionality

The objective of the project is to expand OSP functionality, to improve the quality and to develop new electronic services by making the most of the common-use system components.

Duration of Phase I of the project: 30 June–31 December 2016.

During Phase I of the project, OSP functionality was expanded, the quality was improved and new electronic services were developed by making optimal use of existing system components. OSP design was refined, the user interface and functionality of the Database of Indicators (DoI) was upgraded, the geographic information system (GIS) was supplemented with new functions, search options were optimised, speed was increased, OSP was adapted for mobile devices.

Duration of Phase II of the project: 18 August–31 December 2017.

During Phase II of the project, the Combined Nomenclature Classification in DoI was upgraded by automating its update and providing additional units of measurement, the DoI positions list was supplemented with new search, selection and positions aggregation options; the RESTful web service, covering provision of the DoI statistical data and structural metadata to external users, was launched, the DoI table formation functionality was upgraded by enabling the system administrators to define the DoI tables’ representation settings,  the Central Classification Database was supplemented with download functionality and search function was improved therein; the DoI data import and quality control, covering integration links with internal databases of statistical surveys, preparation of reports on quality of processes of data upload and publication in DoI and provision of information to the responsible persons, was developed.

In 2018, the following development of OSP is planned: upgrade of the interface of the Central Classification Database, inclusion of new statistical unit corresponding to NUTS2 level into the GIS application, expansion and improvement of the DoI functionality based on user needs.

Document updated: 2018-04-18