Commissions and working groups established by orders of the Director General of Statistics Lithuania to deal with major issues


Advisory Commission to the Director General of Statistics Lithuania
(chair – Director General Dr. J. Petrauskienė)


Objective – to submit proposals to the Director General of Statistics Lithuania on the key issues pertaining to the organisation of official statistics and activity of Statistics Lithuania.


Working Group on the Reduction of the Statistical Response Burden for Respondents
(chair – D. Kavaliauskienė)


Objective – to reduce the statistical response burden for respondents and to use administrative data for statistical purposes more extensively.


Terminology Commission 
(chair – D. Baravykienė)


Objective – to take an inventory of statistical terms and submit them to the Term Bank of the Republic of Lithuania, to standardise statistical terminology, to produce and submit recommendations concerning statistical terminology, to solve statistical terminology-related problems, to take care of the creation of new statistical terms.


Methodological Commission 
(chair – Dr. J. Petrauskienė)


Objective – to coordinate and systematise methodological work at Statistics Lithuania.


Risk Management Working Group
(chair – L. Lukšaitė-Balakauskienė)


Objective – to identify and manage the risks at Statistics Lithuania.


Working Group on the Management of Confidential Statistical Data 
(chair – R. Rimša)


Objective – to consider the need for legal acts required for the protection and management of confidential statistical data possessed by Statistics Lithuania and, when needed, to initiate their preparation and/or amendment; to consider problematic confidential statistical data protection-related issues and to put forward proposals concerning the settlement thereof to the top management of Statistics Lithuania.


Document updated: 2020-11-04