Multiannual Programme

Regulation (EC) No 223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 March 2009 on European statistics constitutes the legal basis for the preparation of the European statistical programme, providing the framework for the development, production and dissemination of European statistics. The European statistical programmes 2021–2027 are established by Regulation (EU) 2021/690 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 28 April 2021 establishing a programme for the internal market, competitiveness of enterprises, including small and medium-sized enterprises, the area of plants, animals, food and feed, and European statistics (Single Market Programme) and repealing Regulations (EU) No 99/2013, (EU) No 1287/2013, (EU) No 254/2014 and (EU) No 652/2014 (see Annex II on European statistics).

The multi-annual programme for the part on European statistics is implemented by annual programmes setting more detailed objectives and outputs for each year.

  • European Statistical programme 2021

The Commission adopted the 2021 Financing Decision and Work Programme for the implementation of the European Statistical Programme 2021–2027 on 6 May 2021.

The structure of the 2021 FD/WP is different compared to previous years: there is one Financing Decision for the annual implementation of the entire SMP and separate annexes contain the individual work programmes for the respective objectives, including one on European Statistics (Annex V).

Eurostat list of Activities 2021, with their statistical products and/or other outputs (PDF)
Commission Implementing Decision on the Financing of the Programme for the single market, competitiveness of enterprises, including small and medium sized enterprises and European statistics and the adoption of the work programme for 2021–2024 (PDF)
Annex V: 2021 Work Programme of the Single Market Programme – European Statistics (PDF)

The Statistical requirements compendium summarises the key reference information for the production of European statistics.

Document updated: 2021-12-17