Azerbaijan study visit on business statistics

Within the scope of implementation of the project “EU support to the State Statistical Committee of the Republic Azerbaijan (SSC) to reach European Standards, EuropeAid/138625/DH/SER/AZ”, on 11–15 November, delegation of the State Statistical Committee of the Republic Azerbaijan visit Statistics Lithuania. The objective of this finalization study visit of the project on business statistics is to discuss with the specialists of Statistics Lithuania the organizational chart with focus on the structural units involved in business statistics production, statistical business register and classifications, including the use of the GSBPM in the business statistics processes; the business statistics register (SBR): its structure, units, and update sources, including the updates of the SBR from survey data (short-term and structural business statistics data), the preparation of the list of active units for statistical surveys; to discuss production of business statistics, including short-term (STS) business statistics indicators and their compilation methods, statistical classifications used for business statistics. Specialists of Statistics Lithuania will present IT tools for business statistics production: databases and their use, methods of the statistical surveys (sample survey, census), statistical questionnaires, dissemination of statistical data.

Study visit is designed to provide a collaborative and stimulating environment for learning, discussing and analysing examples of good practice.