Meeting of the Baltic States on further development of innovation and R&D statistics

On 20–21 October, the representatives of the national statistical offices of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have a meeting on the innovation and R&D statistics development. The experts discuss the determination of economic effect of innovation on business sector, the indicators of the government support for innovation activities and accounting thereof, the R&D survey in government and higher education sectors, potential for the use of administrative data. The representatives of Statistics Lithuania share the best practices in dealing with problems related to survey filling and data processing quality. The experts of the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia and Statistics Estonia present the results of their innovation and R&D surveys and share experience in carrying out such surveys.

The matters discussed during the meeting also cover the survey sampling, calculation of estimates, provision of statistical information in electronic form and provision thereof to Eurostat and users. The meeting also focuses on the preparation for the Innovation Survey 2017, preparation of a new questionnaire and improvement of data quality. The further cooperation for the improvement of innovation and R&D statistics is discussed.