Baltic States meeting

On November 25–26, Statistics Lithuania hosted a meeting of the Baltic States' statistical offices over quality management and classifications. It is already the fourth such quality management and the second classification specialists' meeting.   

During the meeting, the main changes in the countries' statistical offices since their last meeting were presented.

Quality management specialists made presentations on and exchanged experience in the field of the integration of quality requirements for statistics into national legal acts and institutions' strategic documents, introduction of quality management models, various statistics and statistical production process quality assessment and improvement measures, preparation for and participation in the peer review on the implementation of the European Statistics Code of Practice in national statistical systems.

Classification specialists discussed and exchanged experience in the field of classification databases and search systems, use of statistical classifications for administrative purposes, classification of economic activities according to NACE Rev. 2 in business registers.

The meeting was useful for the specialists of all three countries; therefore, a decision was made to organise similar meetings in the Baltic States' statistical offices on a biennial basis.