European Union (EU) Twinning Program Project in Jordan

Missions in Jordan, February 2023

Within the framework of the EU twinning project in Jordan (Department of Statistics, DoS), the experts of the State Data Agency took part in the implementation of 2 activities in February 2023.  

On 12–16 February, the mission “Theory and Best Practice of Small Area Estimations (SAE) – Part 1. Basic Smoothing and Data Manipulation” was carried out. During the mission, the experts of the State Data Agency together with an expert from ISTAT (Italy) presented the theory exemplified by practical exercises using artificial data. Definition and theory behind SAE methodology, identification of the informative gaps with respect to the use of small area methodology, basic smoothing (production of direct estimate and their variances, production of other indirect estimators (synthetic and composite) from designs-based perspective), assessment (required threshold), etc. were presented and discussed. The needs of DoS were analyzed for small area estimation. During this mission, training on R Programme was provided.

On 20–23 February, mission on information security was carried out by an expert of the State Data Agency together with Danish colleagues. The aim of the mission was to assist Jordanian partners in improving the current situation of IT security in DoS. The Member States (MS) experts presented security standard ISO 27001 and shared good practice on IT technical and logical security in MS. As an outcome of the mission, the recommendations for IT security in DoS were prepared and presented for the top management.