Publication about population censuses in the Baltics

The statistical offices of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania prepared an electronic publication 2011 Population and Housing Censuses in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  The publication presents comparable statistics on the Baltics: population and its structure by demographic, ethnocultural and socioeconomic characteristics, households, families, dwellings and amenities. It also contains the results of the 2001 population and housing censuses. It is possible to compare ourselves with Estonians and Latvians, see how we have changed over the decade.

It is the second joint publication prepared by Baltic census specialists. The first one contained the results of the 2001 population and housing censuses. Under the EU legislation and international practice, population and housing censuses are conducted in the EU member states once every ten years, the last one being conducted in 2011.

The publication is meant for the general public, researchers, students, pupils and other users.


The publication is available on the Official Statistics Portal.