New image of Statistics Lithuania

As a first step towards a new century, Statistics Lithuania is launching a renewed logo.

In this context, a key task for the author was to create a modern corporate style image, directly reflecting our main mission and objective: to produce and disseminate official statistics in line with the changing user needs.

Statistics Lithuania provides complex and comprehensive services. This is why it was important not to make visual style too complicated.

Our logo is composed of 2 elements shaping the third one. Two different colours and two arrows, passing one another, fully symbolize diverse information and its exchange. Visually, these dynamic arrows knitted together compose the letter “S”, thus representing statistical science. Logo is followed by the explanatory note “Statistics Lithuania”.

We introduce a similar logo for the Official Statistics Portal, main channel of Statistics Lithuania, but another colour (pink) used by the author clearly indicates a different object.

Together with new symbols, elements of the corporate style have also been changed. We have launched a new template for electronic publications, renewed and supplemented colour palette for diagrams and maps. Corporate identity graphical symbols will be applied to visualise key statistical phenomenon and indicators.


Logo designed by “Godspeed Branding“.