From May 8, the new OSP version becomes the main one

The Database of Indicators (DoI) user interface was substantially changed. Now the entire DoI structure is accessible on one page: the largest part of the page is taken by the table of the indicator selected; above it, there is a table customisation window; to the left – an indicator tree with filters; next to it – a settings bar. If the user only wants to work with the table, s/he can close all other windows. When the user selects an indicator, a table with the most recent data is instantly formed. If the visible table does not suffice, it may be supplemented or changed to another dataset using the table customisation window above. The former OSP functionality and all data were moved to the new version.

Registered users can sign in to the new OSP version with the same username and password. The tables formed by registered users by 23 March 2017 have also been moved to the new OSP version. Since the new OSP version is still under development, updates will be made on a weekly basis, on Thursdays, from 5 p.m. At that time, the beta version will not be accessible for a few hours.

We invite users wishing to receive assistance in familiarising themselves with the new OSP version to register to regular training on the use of the OSP and DoI. If there are more people wishing to receive such training in your institution, we can organise it in your premises.

We welcome your opinions and comments. If you have difficulties with using the new OSP, please feel free to contact us by tel. 8 5 236 4888, 236 4833 or email info@stat.gov.lt. For more information on the new OSP version, see the news release.