Results of the European Statistics Competition have been announced: the Commission was impressed by the Lithuanian students' rap about statistics

Competition organized by the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat) and voluntary national statistical institutes to promote statistical literacy, curiosity and interest in official statistics by pupils and teachers has come to an end. The Competition took place in two stages: national and European. Finalists of the national stage took part in the European stage. 2 teams from each country reached the finals. The Competition was attended by 17,000 students from 19 European countries. Winners of the national stages produced 66 videos, from which 10 European finalists were selected to present their works to Eurostat's national statistical institutes. Finalists created videos on the topic "Environment", which were evaluated by the international commission.

We would like to remind you that Lithuania was represented by Kaunas Jesuit Gymnasium team Botanikai and Šilutė Vydūnas Gymnasium team Progredis in the category of 14–16 year–old students, and Kaunas Jesuit Gymnasium team FF91A and Vilnius Šolomas Aleichem ORT Gymnasium team Supermoda in the category of 16–18 year–old students.

Commission evaluated and selected the best works in each category. Winners will be invited to the awards ceremony in Madrid.

The first places in the category of younger students (16–18 year–old) were won by:

  1. DATAPOWER (Bulgaria)
  2. K2 (Iceland)
  3. RERENELA (Slovenia)
  4. GINNYLFIB (France)
  5. JOSE (Poland)

The first places in the category of older students (16–18 year–old) were won by:

  1. GIOTTISTICA (Italy)
  2. AFS_GR_B1 (Greece)
  3. STATS2KNOW  (Ireland)
  4. STATIS222  (Greece)
  5. FROGGERS (Poland)


Congratulations to the winners!