Oak tree planted to mark the 100th anniversary of Lithuanian statistics

This year, Lithuanian statistics celebrates the 100th anniversary. To mark this occasion, an oak was planted in the Botanical Garden of Vilnius University.

“An oak tree has deep and strong roots. This perfectly reflects the key principles of fundamental statistics: impartiality and objectivity.

Oak is a branchy tree. Like statistics that branches into wide variety of areas.

Oak is a multipurpose tree: acorns are used for making coffee, bark is used for medicinal decoction, wood – for production of various articles. Like statistics that can be used in almost all situations in life.

Oak is a long-lived tree; therefore, it serves perfectly as a symbol of centenary. The age of an oak can reach up to 1,500 years and this is like a wish for the future”, – First Deputy Director General, temporarily performing the functions of Director General, Daiva Jurelevičienė greeted the present and former employees of Statistics Lithuania.