The first OECD visit at Statistics Lithuania

April 14–16 Statistics Lithuania hosted the first visit from OECD with participation of Mr. Paul Schreyer, Deputy Director of OECD Statistics Directorate and Mr. Julien Dupont as well as Mr. David Brackfield from the Global Relations and Communications Division of the Statistics Directorate.

From left to right: Julien Dupont, Paul Schreyer, David Brackfield.

Mr. P. Schreyer noted that the initially planned fact-finding visit coincided with the decision taken by the OECD Council on 9 April 2015 to invite Lithuania to open formal accession talks. OECD experts presented the OECD accession process, structure of the statistical accession reviews, the role of statistics at the OECD, requirements and tentative schedule. The final version of the Terms of Reference agreed between Statistics Lithuania and OECD was also touched upon. Statistics review from the OECD side is prepared by the OECD Statistics Directorate (STD), at a later stage experts from other directorates will be involved.  The aim of the Statistical accession review is to ensure coherence of Lithuanian statistical policies and practices with those of the OECD member countries. In Lithuania the Statistical review is coordinated by Statistics Lithuania.

The information of the Lithuanian statistical system, the Law on Statistics and other legal acts relevant to statistics was presented, opinions on the statistical production process in different areas of statistics as well as on quality of available data were exchanged; and finally, deadlines for filling in relevant OECD questionnaires as well as data transmission technical modes were discussed. The Action points and tentative schedule was provisionally agreed.

During the visit the OECD experts also met with representatives from other institutions involved in production of official statistics (the Ministry of Finance and the Banks of Lithuania) as well as from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – coordinator of the general accession to OECD process in Lithuania.

Director general of Statistics Lithuania Vilija Lapėnienė discusses Action points with
Julien Dupont, Accession coordinator.

Action points are discussed with the management of Statistics Lithuania.

The meeting was participated by the representatives from Statistics Lithuania, the Bank of Lithuania,
the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.