Appropriate steps have been taken to legitimise new state data management and use model

The Government has approved a new Draft Law on Official Statistics and State Data Governance, which will create preconditions for data governance in the country and expand the role and functions of Statistics Lithuania itself. Statistics Lithuania will become the State Data Agency, participating in the formation of state policy in the areas of official statistics management and state data governance.

Until now, the existing legal framework has not allowed for flexible use of data stored in the public sector. There is no single institution in the state that has statutory rights and functions related to state data management, processing and use. Data are isolated in separate information systems, and sharing them to solve common or analytical tasks of individual institutions is complicated. Therefore, the state, when disposing of data of large volume and value, cannot legally use this data for solving various tasks and making decisions.

Statistics Lithuania manages powerful technology and has people having a thorough knowledge of how much can be done with the data. The State Data Governance Information System has already allowed the operative collection, processing and publication of data on COVID-19, illegal migration and war refugees.

With the approval of the Government, the draft law "travels" to the Seimas. We hope for a smooth trip and we are already planning new works!



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