Structural changes in Statistics Lithuania

New administration structure of Statistics Lithuania shall take effect from 15 November 2018. Structural changes have been performed in order to ensure a greater effectiveness in the organisation of internal management and official statistics preparation, as well as dissemination processes, efficient and adequate allocation of human resources. The aforementioned changes have been also determined by the common policy on optimising public sector governance. Part of the posts has been refused after the reallocations of functions. Total number of public servants and employees dismissed amounted to 18 (the majority of them from the support service divisions).

After the structural changes and reallocation of functions, 32 structural subdivisions (divisions), instead of 37, have been established. The number of the management personnel posts has been reduced by 43.

In parallel with the structural changes, appropriate preparations for the implementation of new edition of the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Civil Service took place. In order to establish compliance with the newly defined term of the public servant, all posts of public servants were revised by 1 October 2018. Commission, set up for the aforementioned purpose, came with the following conclusion: 11 posts failed to correspond to the definition of the public servant, and thus offered to replace them, i.e. to create personnel positions with employment contracts.