Start of cooperation with the Kaunas University of Technology

On February 10, Director General of Statistics Lithuania Vilija Lapėnienė and Rector of the Kaunas University of Technology Petras Baršauskas signed a memorandum on bilateral cooperation. They agreed to cooperate in the fields of empirical data documentation, long-term storage and dissemination.

In order to help open and integrate the resources of NSIs' and scientific data archives, Statistics Lithuania and Kaunas University of Technology will discuss and assess the possibilities for the publication of public datasets from the surveys conducted by Statistics Lithuania in the Humanities and Social Sciences Data Archive (LiDA) catalogues, exchange experience of documentation and publication of historical indicators.

Statistics Lithuania will also actively cooperate with the university by advising them on the use of the Official Statistics Portal, application of GIS tools. In the future, there are plans to expand the areas of cooperation.