COVID-19 statistics already available in the Database

When an emergency situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic was announced, Statistics Lithuania started to produce the most important information about COVID-19. A separate section on the COVID-19 impact for population, business and economy was created on the Official Statistics Portal (

From now on, the latest indicators related to the COVID-19 pandemic have been published and constantly updated in the Database of Indicators. These indicators are available in the section General statistics à COVID-19 statistics. The section covers population and health statistics, weekly and monthly mortality rates, as well as statistics on crime and accidents reported to the police, employment, stoppage of work, dismissed and hired employees, GDP, general government finance, business trends, domestic and foreign trade, business activity.

Statistics Lithuania responds flexibly and promptly to today’s changing situation and in addition to official statistics produced in accordance with the Official Statistics Programme approved annually by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania also publishes data collected by various institutions which are not included into the programme. Experimental statistics based on forecasts and provisional data are also provided.

Don’t rely on rumours – use statistics!