Eurostat’s Director General’s visit to Lithuania


On April 2–3, Lithuania was visited by the Director General of Eurostat and the Chief Statistician of the EU Walter Radermacher.

On April 2, a meeting with the top management and division heads of Statistics Lithuania took place. The Director General of Statistics Lithuania Vilija Lapėnienė presented the Lithuanian statistical system, the main statistical projects under implementation and the strategic objectives of statistics for 2013–2017.

Mr Radermacher highlighted the novelties and challenges of the European Statistical System, discussed draft legislation on statistical issues that could be considered during the Lithuanian Presidency (some of which will be taken over from Ireland, other – launched during the Lithuanian Presidency).

On April 3, a meeting of Mr Radermacher with the Prime Minister A. Butkevičius, the Chancellor of the Prime Minister A. Mačiulis, the Minister of Finance R. Šadžius and their advisors took place in the Prime Minister's Office.

The main issues discussed during the meeting: the place of Statistics Lithuania as a Government institution in the general government system; ensuring the professional independence of Statistics Lithuania; the importance of official statistics for decision-making and monitoring of the implementation of those decisions; the Government's attitude towards the possibility of signing the Commitment on Confidence, the purpose of which is the implementation of the principles of the European Statistics Code of Practice in all national institutions producing European statistics; the possibility of signing an agreement on working relationships and procedures between Statistics Lithuania and the Ministry of Finance; the chairmanship of the Council Working Party on Statistics.

On April 3, Mr Radermacher also visited the Bank of Lithuania. The meeting was attended by the following representatives of the Bank of Lithuania: Deputy Chairman of the Board R. Kuodis, Director of the Economics and Financial Stability Service R. Rodzko, Director of the Statistics Department R. Likša, Head of the General Statistics Division E. Tvarijonavičiūtė, and Head of the External Statistics Division A. Vėberis.

The meeting was also attended by the Director General of Statistics Lithuania V. Lapėnienė, First Deputy Director General of Statistics Lithuania J. Markelevičius, Head of the European Affairs and International Cooperation Division of Statistics Lithuania A. Miškinienė.

During the meeting, such issues as the cooperation of the two systems (the European Statistical System and the European System of Central Banks) in the production of European statistics and the strengthening thereof, Draft Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on macroeconomic imbalance procedures, the deliberation whereof will be launched during the Lithuanian Presidency, were discussed.