Implementation of Eurostat´s Project on Special Needs' Education Statistics


On 18 January 2012, Statistics Lithuania was visited by the experts of Eurostat's project on special needs education statistics J. Ficher-Kottenstede, Th. Huart and A. Linert.

During the visit, the issues of comparability of these statistics between countries, namely differences between educational systems, concepts and definitions, classifications used for the identification of special educational needs, etc., and development possibilities were discussed.

Apart from Eurostat's experts, the meeting was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Centre for Special Needs Education and Psychology, and the Centre of Information Technologies in Education of Lithuania.

Lithuanian experts presented the procedures for the assessment of special educational needs and a system for the categorisation of pupils/students with special educational needs, responsible organisations and procedures regulating the provision of special support for schools, statistical data sources used and statistical information published in this field.

The aim of this Eurostat's project is to assess the possibility to produce special needs education statistics that are methodologically harmonised and comparable between countries. For that purpose, four countries, whose experience in the field of production of such statistics could be used, have been selected, Lithuania being one of them.

Lithuania's special needs education statistics may be found online in a publication called "Education".