The new Official Statistics Portal

On February 20, Statistics Lithuania presented to the society the new Official Statistics Portal together with its updated website.

The project, initiated by Statistics Lithuania and meant for the modernisation of the provision of official statistics by essentially enhancing the convenience, accessibility and quality of such services, was financed from the European Regional Development Fund and the budget of the Republic of Lithuania. The purpose and the main function of the new Portal is to provide for the society convenient access to official statistics, expand statistical indicator analysis and presentation possibilities. It is planned that, in the future, all statistical indicators produced under the Official Statistics Work Programme will be integrated into the Portal, which will substantially improve their comparability and analysis possibilities.

Currently, the core of the Portal are statistical indicators produced by Statistics Lithuania and published in its Database of Indicators. On the Portal, users will find statistical indicators arranged as a tree by statistical domain. The main novelty – a data analysis component, enabling the user to form tables from various statistical indicators and display them him/herself.

In the nearest future, we will continue supplementing the Portal with descriptive and statistical information, links, references and other information in English. Until all work on the production, transfer and translation of information is finalised, the old version of the website and the Database of Indicators of Statistics Lithuania will be functioning for users' convenience.