You May Test the Inflation Calculator on the Official Statistics Portal

You can use this Calculator to check price changes since period A to period B.

In the first field, you should indicate the period from which and, in the second field, the period until which you intend to calculate a change of prices.

It might be useful for people having financial or any other commitments: loans, long-term lease contracts, paying or receiving alimony.

You can calculate price changes from December 1990, however, special attention should be given to exchange rate.

For example, if you have lent money and do not know the amount of interest accrued during a certain period, this calculator might be useful.

If, in October 2014, you lent EUR 1,000 (or an appropriate amount in Litas according to the exchange rate of that time), then in May 2020, the sum of EUR 1,000 lent by you was equal to EUR 1,097.

The Calculator presents most relevant inflation indicators that are published on the sixth working day of every month (excluding January, when they are published on the tenth working day of February).

Personal Inflation Calculator

Certainly, each of us distribute our expenses in a different manner, and prices of various goods and services vary differently, which means that the price for a basket of goods and services of each Lithuanian resident, namely used by him, varies unequally, i.e. personal inflation of each one of us is different. Publicly available Lithuanian inflation rate shows an increase or drop of the price for an average basket of goods and services of the total Lithuanian population. National inflation rate differs from the personal one as it summarises what is consumed by the total population of our country, rather than each of us individually.

Inflation rates developed by Statistics Lithuania are available in the Personal Inflation Calculator on the website of the Bank of Lithuania. The aforementioned calculator will allow people to estimate the influence of change in prices on their expenses. You shall enter your monthly average costs in the calculator and afterwards choose the goods you bought and the amount of money you paid for them.

For example, rising prices for tobacco products do not affect non-smokers, who do not buy tobacco products, etc.

You are invited to test both calculators and use official figures.