Operational statistics. Lithuania’s breakthrough

On 23–25 June, the remote conference of the European statisticians organized by the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UN/ECE) discussed innovations in statistics driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. Lithuania presented its experience in the transition from traditional to operational statistics. Lithuania is one of the countries that has implemented the provision of operational data. Therefore, Director General Dr. Jūratė Petrauskienė was invited to participate in a panel session where innovations were discussed in more detail.

Statistics Lithuania is the only statistical office in the world that manages COVID-19 statistics. An efficient data management model (State Data Governance Information System), developed in a relatively short period of time, is being implemented in Lithuania to produce official and experimental statistics and to process other data for the needs of the State. This raises great hope for significantly more detailed and relevant statistics, as well as new quality of services for the State, science, business and society.

For several years now, the international meetings of statisticians have been discussing the transition to the publication of operational data. In some countries, the national statistical offices produce experimental operational statistics, e.g. based on mobile phone data or fiscal cheque data from supermarkets. Statistics Lithuania is also actively looking for the ways and is consulting with business so that statistical information is provided to the public earlier and at a more detailed level.