It is not necessary to indicate economic activity code

Statistics Lithuania is receiving high numbers of requests from the enterprises, seeking to receive state support for business adversely affected by COVID-19, to amend their economic activity code in the statistical business entity register. Such requests are based on the grounds that the enterprise INVEGA, administering the obtaining of state support, requires that the economic activity code of the enterprise should correspond to the code that is recorded in the statistical business entity register.

Please note that principal economic activity code of the enterprise (in accordance with the Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community NACE Rev. 2) has been established for statistical purposes. It might be amended only in such cases when data submitted by the enterprises participating in statistical surveys show changes in their principal activity, or companies themselves submit evidence about changes in their main activity. Slightly more than 40 per cent of enterprises participate in statistical surveys. Therefore, it cannot be excluded that not all activity codes are timely updated.

Having regard to this fact, we note that principal activity code fixed by Statistics Lithuania for granting support to business adversely affected by COVID-19 may be used exclusively as an auxiliary criterion, but not the main condition for obtaining such support.