Library of Statistics Lithuania supplemented with interwar publications

We are still celebrating the 100th anniversary of Lithuanian statistics and thus a gift from our Swedish colleagues – the interwar Lithuanian statistical publications found in their archives – is very valuable for us.

These are various statistical periodicals published by the Central Bureau of Statistics from 1923 to 1940, including all Statistical Yearbooks of Lithuania.  The received publications include all statistical bulletins – the last one (publication No. 203) dated October 1940. We have also received 11 issues of magazine “Economy and Market of Lithuania” published by the Central Bureau of Statistics from 1930 to 1932.

The first official statistical information about Lithuania’s “anthropological and economic development” was published in the publication “Statistical News on Lithuania until 1914” in 1919. Statistical Yearbook of Lithuania – the first annual statistical publication of Lithuania – was started to be published in 1927.

Due to historical circumstances, with change of the governments, the Bureau of Statistics had to move from one place to another, which led to the loss or possibly the destruction of many publications. The publications that we have not had in our archive until now are particularly valuable.