New methods for teaching statistics


On August 26, Statistics Lithuania was visited by Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Mittag (the Hagen University) with a lecture "Employment of new technical platforms for interactively visualizing statistical methods and statistical data".

During the lecture, the application of new, interactive and visual methods for teaching statistics and provision of data was presented. Prof. Dr. Mittag presented new tools for the visualisation of statistics, which can be used for teaching statistics both at general schools and at schools of higher education as well as help in self-education and popularisation of statistics. Special attention was given to the visual presentation of statistics in the form of charts and in other forms using smartphones and tablet PCs.

After the lecture, attendees discussed with the guest the newest technologies, their popularity and applicability, new teaching methods, forms of presentation of statistics.

The lecture of Prof. Dr. Mittag can also be heard by the inhabitants of Klaipėda City – the professor will be giving a lecture on the application of new technical platforms in the teaching of statistics at Klaipėda University.

It was the second visit of the professor to Lithuania. The previous one took place five years ago, when he gave lectures on statistical literacy tools at Statistics Lithuania and Vilnius University.

You can find the lecture material here.