Statistical Council meeting

On February 20, Statistics Lithuania hosted a meeting of the Statistical Council. First Deputy Director General of Statistics Lithuania Jonas Markelevičius presented a report on the presidency over the EU Council Working Party on Statistics (CWPS). During July–December 2013, Statistics Lithuania presided over the CWPS, which was its priority in 2013. The presenter emphasised that the presidency was successful, and the results achieved were good: three regulations were adopted, and progress was achieved with other legal acts.

During the second part of the meeting, Chief Specialist of the Methodology and Quality Division of Statistics Lithuania Laura Lukšaitė-Balakauskienė presented the conclusions of an audit conducted by the National Audit Office of Lithuania on the implementation of the European Statistics Code of Practice in Lithuania in 2013. The purpose of the audit was the assessment of the implementation of the principles of the Code in institutions producing European statistics in Lithuania. Six national institutions producing European statistics were assessed, one of them – Statistics Lithuania. The conclusions of the audit state that Statistics Lithuania has substantially, while other institutions – partially implemented the principles of the Code which were audited. Subsequently, recommendations on how to better implement the Code in the Lithuanian statistical system were given. Moreover, the sectorisation of economic entities was discussed.