IMAODBC 2010 is organised in Lithuania

This International Marketing and Output Databases Conference was held 6–10 September in Vilnius, Lithuania. The conference brings together specialists of international organisations and NSIs and focuses on dissemination issues that are more technical in nature, relationship between technical solutions and marketing and dissemination strategies.

This year the topics focused on such themes:

  • Tracking and serving user and customer needs (user satisfaction surveys, customer relationship management, personas, Web 2.0 interactions…)
  • Output databases (DB models, architecture, user interfaces…)
  • Telling Stories with Data: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (in presenting statistical information…)
  • Innovative services attracting broader and new audiences (name frequency services, the philatelic approach to statistical information, social networks, etc.)
  • Open session (e.g. Social media, RestFull web-services, other)