Creative workshop with students at Statistics Lithuania

On October 6, Statistics Lithuania organised a creative statistics and design workshop, dedicated to the commemoration of the World Statistics Day. The workshop was attended by 36 second-year students of the Vilnius College of Technologies and Design – to familiarise themselves with official statistics and, with the help of statisticians, to create infographics, presenting a statistical message in an attractive manner.

At the beginning of the event, the students received information about the World Statistics Day, familiarised themselves with Statistics Lithuania, the main principles behind the production and dissemination of official statistics, the Official Statistics Portal, the Database of Indicators, etc.

After a lunchbreak, work proceeded in small (four-student) groups. Each group was attached a statistician, who helped the students to better understand the statistical domain selected, discover interesting statistics and come to a solution how to visualise them via infographics. For many students, it was not an easy task. "I had no idea that statistics covers such a wide range of topics. I am totally lost…", said one of the participants. However, after three hours of intensive work, all student groups presented the first draft infographics.

After the creative workshop, future designers will continue working individually and finalise the infographics by the World Statistics Day, commemorated on October 20.

"Our cooperation with the Vilnius College of Technologies and Design dates back many  years. This mutual work provides students an opportunity to scrutinise an almost unfamiliar area, learn to find information in the abundance of data, use the Official Statistics Portal. As for our specialists, it is a great opportunity for them to try to explain complicated things in a simple language, look at the results of their work from a user's perspective", said the Director General of Statistics Lithuania Vilija Lapėnienė in her introductory speech.