Discussion on the Official Statistics Work Programme for 2014


On 1 October, the draft Official Statistics Work Programme 2014 was discussed at Statistics Lithuania. Representatives of other institutions managing official statistics were invited to the discussion. The Official Statistics Work Programme encompasses the surveys and pieces of work carried out by Statistics Lithuania, the Bank of Lithuania and 27 other institutions. Statistics Lithuania and 13 other institutions are the producers of European statistics prepared in pursuance of the European legislation.

Lately, institutions producing European statistics have been receiving more and more attention. The Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat) started discussions with countries about the criteria applied to define the producers of European statistics. The main criteria mentioned are as follows: the production of official statistics must be one of the functions of the institution's activity as provided for in its regulations; the production of European statistics in a certain field shall be delegated to the institution by a national legal act; the institution must hold full responsibility for the production of statistical information within a certain field and its provision for Eurostat. On Eurostat's initiative, procedures for the assessment of the compliance with the European Statistics Code of Practice will be started in December 2013. All institutions included in the list of the producers of European statistics will be provided with self-evaluation questionnaires – to assess their compliance with the principles of the European Statistics Code of Practice.

At the beginning of 2013, Statistics Lithuania initiated the signing of agreements with institutions producing European statistics on the organisation, quality assurance and dissemination of official statistics. The purpose of these agreements is to ensure the quality of official statistics and its production, statistical data confidentiality and accessibility of statistical information to users, to establish cooperation between Statistics Lithuania and other institutions in preparing the Official Statistics Work Programme and providing a report on its implementation to the Government. So far, 8 agreements have been signed and 5 more agreements are under preparation. Similar agreements with all institutions managing official statistics are planned to be signed in 2014.