In this section, official statistics work programmes, strategies, strategic action plans of Statistics Lithuania and European Statistical System (ESS) documents are published.

Official statistics work programme is a list of pieces of statistical work (surveys) necessary for the government of the State and social needs, delegated to Statistics Lithuania, other State and municipal authorities and agencies, where the institution responsible for a certain piece of work (survey), its name, periodicity, method and deadline for the submission of results are indicated.

Strategy of Statistics Lithuania is a medium-term (5 years) set of essential activity provisions and guidelines, key objectives and tasks and their implementation methods.

Strategic action plan of Statistics Lithuania is a medium-term (3 years) activity planning document where, taking into account the objectives set in long- and medium-term planning documents and conclusions of the situation analysis, the mission is formulated, strategic changes and objectives are established, programmes under implementation and results to be achieved are described, appropriations and human resources are envisaged.

European Statistical Programme 2013–2020 stipulates the directions and roadmap for the development, production and dissemination of European statistics.

The European Statistical Programme is implemented by Commission work programmes establishing pieces of work implementing the seven-yearly European Statistical Programme.

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Strategic Planning System
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