Among other priorities The State Data Agency strategy for 2023–2027 focuses on the 3rd direction “Ensure symbiotic partnership“, which envisages active participation in the development of the global statistics and EU legislative process, strengthening of communication and cooperation on the global arena / international  scale, and sharing of best practices thereof.


EU twinning project in Azerbaijan

In the EU Twinning Project “Support to the State Statistical Committee and the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy to strengthen collection, harmonization, analysis, publishing and dissemination of business statistics” (AZ/16/ENI/ST/01/19 (AZ/53)), a breakthrough has taken place. In early September, Finnish Resident Twinning Advisor (RTA) came to Baku. On 20–23 September, the experts of Statistics Lithuania were the first “to break” the remote work and implemented the first onsite mission in Baku. They shared experience with colleagues from Azerbaijan on a logical design for the renewal and expansion of the software functions for proper maintenance and updating of the State Register of Statistical Units (SRSU).

On 4–5 October, the 5th project Steering Committee (SC) meeting and project mid-term event took place in Baku with participation of the project partners and ambassadors of Lithuania and the Netherlands. However, depending on the situation and specific requirements in the participating countries, the hybrid method (onsite/online) was used for these events – this was a real way forward.

On 12–15 October, the second Statistics Lithuania experts’ mission to Baku took place. During the mission, Lithuanian experts together with the colleagues from Azerbaijan addressed the inclusion of the five new administrative data sources to SRSU software.