Among other priorities The State Data Agency strategy for 2023–2027 focuses on the 3rd direction “Ensure symbiotic partnership“, which envisages active participation in the development of the global statistics and EU legislative process, strengthening of communication and cooperation on the global arena / international  scale, and sharing of best practices thereof.


At the global ESRI conference - about crises and positive metamorphoses

Last week, on 11-16  July, the ESRI Global User Conference was held in San Diego ( California, USA), where data and map lovers from all over the world usually  gather every year. This year, Statistics Lithuania also participated in it. On 12 July, at the National Government Executive Forum (NGEF), Director General Dr Jūratė Petrauskienė gave a presentation on Crisis-Inspired Transformation; how crises lead to positive metamorphoses; about the incredible two years of Statistics Lithuania, witnessing fundamental changes in our organization. About 150 public sector managers: leaders, strategists, visionaries, at world level, are invited to gather and share their experiences at the forum every year. This year's forum topic - Evolving in a Changing World, while the main focus was on the influence of geographic systems on changes in social and environmental governance.

Name of Lithuania was mentioned quite frequently at the conference - we are one of the leaders: operational/timely data scoreboards on Covid, Ukrainian war refugees created by Statistics Lithuania, data opening initiatives using ESRI ArcGIS have been mentioned as good examples. The development of the use of geospatial data is Statistics Lithuania‘s strategic activity direction, which is carried out consistently from data collection to dissemination - this means that by collecting maximally detailed - coordinate, address level data - we will be able to provide the public and decision makers with multi-layered detailed information about the social and economic development of the state.