Among other priorities The State Data Agency strategy for 2023–2027 focuses on the 3rd direction “Ensure symbiotic partnership“, which envisages active participation in the development of the global statistics and EU legislative process, strengthening of communication and cooperation on the global arena / international  scale, and sharing of best practices thereof.


Statistics through Eastern Partnership (STEP)

Within the framework of the programme “Statistics through Eastern Partnership (STEP)”,  on 14–15 September and 5–6 October 2021, experts of Statistics Lithuania, together with a colleague from Statistics Denmark, will carry out a training course on improvement of  production processes with a focus on strategic planning and high quality statistics in the partner countries for colleagues from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

Relation to previous STEP activities on quality and outcomes of the autumn 2020 quality training to identify the success of implementation in the NSS and challenges faced in that process will be overviewed and gained experience will be shared.

The above-mentioned training course aims at training the staff involved in quality procedures in the national statistical institutes and other producers of official statistics. Experience of Lithuania with a special emphasis on the Strategic Planning System of Statistics Lithuania and respective procedures, Strategy 2018–2022 of Statistics Lithuania: mission, vision, values, strategic objectives and tasks, including GSBPM implementation and other standardisation issues, will be presented by experts of Statistics Lithuania. 

An invited guest speaker from Statistics Denmark will also convey experiences from Denmark and other EU Member States on strategic planning on quality and administrative data management. Thus, assessment as well as improvement of data quality in statistics based on administrative sources will be discussed and shared.