Technical assistance in 2019

In pursuance of the objective set in the Strategy 2018–2022 – to increase the accessibility and awareness of the services offered by Statistics Lithuania by strengthening the interinstitutional cooperation nationally and internationally – Statistics Lithuania provided technical assistance to foreign statistical offices. The experts of Statistics Lithuania were actively participating in technical assistance projects carried out by other countries’ statistical offices and various foreign companies.

In 2019, in cooperation with partners and under the leadership of GOPA Consultants (Germany), within the framework of the twinning project of the World Bank in Armenia, Statistics Lithuania hosted a study visit of Armenian colleagues on Integrated Living Conditions Survey (ILCS) on 27–29 August and provided consultation on GSBPM during the expert mission to Yerevan on 25–29 November.

In 2019, within the framework of the EU project on support for the promotion of the EU’s statistical legislation and statistical standards in the countries of the Eastern Partnership and Central Asia (EECCA), in cooperation with GOPA Consultants, Statistics Lithuania took part in organisation of two technical workshops for EECCA countries: on 2–3 July, technical workshop on agriculture statistics was organised in Vilnius at Statistics Lithuania (two experts from Statistics Lithuania took part in it); on 10–11 December, technical workshop on social survey methodology was organised in Minsk (Belarus).

In 2019, within the framework of the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) Programme 2015, assistance regarding sampling methods was provided to the State Statistical Office of the Republic of North Macedonia. Two expert missions to North Macedonia were carried out: on 25–28 February and 15–18 July. On 6–10 May, specialists of North Macedonia visited Statistics Lithuania.

In 2019, under the leadership of the ICON-Institute (Germany), in cooperation with statistical offices of Germany, Bulgaria and the Netherlands, the EU project on the assistance to the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan in implementation of the EU standards was implemented. A short-term statistics expert of Statistics Lithuania (as the key expert) and four short-term experts (for quality, business register, classification and calculation of service producer price index) participated in the project. In 2019, 14 expert missions to Baku were carried out, 37 working days were spent on remote consultations and two study visits to Statistics Lithuania were organised: on 12–15 March, on business register; on 11–15 November, on business statistics. Director General of Statistics Lithuania took part in two project conferences.

On 1–3 October, within the framework of TAIEX programme, an expert mission on Official Statistics Portal to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine was organised.

In 2019, 21 expert missions abroad, 4 study visits to Statistics Lithuania and 2 technical workshops for EECCA countries were carried out.

Document updated: 2020-02-11