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The Lithuanian Department of Statistics (Statistics Lithuania) is a public authority that participates in developing and implementing public policy in the field of statistics assigned to the Minister of Finance, and coordinating official statistics in the country pursuant to the provisions of Part I of the Official Statistics Programme.


In pursuance of the Law on Official Statistics of the Republic of Lithuania, Statistics Lithuania coordinates the activity of other institutions managing official statistics in the field of official statistics.

Statistics Lithuania applies statistical methods for the collection, processing, analysis of statistical data and releases statistical information on economic, social, demographic, and environmental changes in the country at the national and regional levels. The main tasks of Statistics Lithuania are set in the Regulations of Statistics Lithuania.

Statistical information prepared according to Part I of the Law on Official Statistics is available and provided free of charge to everyone interested in the country’s economic and societal development.


Mission of Statistics Lithuania

To prepare and disseminate official statistics necessary for decision-making and to inform the public about issues relevant to the country as well as to create and develop the State Data Governance Information System.

Strategic objective

Timely production and provision of objective and reliable statistical information with regard to changing needs, and consolidation of the data required for the State’s information needs in the State Data Governance System by ensuring their quality and security.

Strategic directions and objectives for 2018–2022:

Official statistics based on user needs

  • Production of statistical information with regard to its necessity and new challenges

  • Earlier publication of statistical information

  • Publication of statistical information in more understandable and visually attractive manner

  • Educating the users of statistical information

Efficient processes

  • Modernisation of activity processes and organisational structure

  • Increasing the effectiveness of statistical information production and dissemination

Sustainable institutional environment and culture

  • Fostering a good image and reputation, developing trust in Statistics Lithuania

  • Developing  a motivated and loyal professional community

  • Striving for social responsibility


The general principles of the organisation of official statistics are established by the Law on Official Statistics of the Republic of Lithuania. The activity of Statistics Lithuania is also regulated by other national and EU legislation.

The Statistical Council is an advisory body to Statistics Lithuania that gives advice regarding organisational and methodological statistics-related issues.

The Advisory Commission of the Director General of Statistics Lithuania discusses key organisational and methodological issues, draft publications, legislation and planning documents, results of the implementation of strategic goals and activity improvement, reports of the executives of the structural divisions of Statistics Lithuania, etc. The members of this commission include the Director General of Statistics Lithuania – the commission chair – and deputies Director General, the executives of some structural divisions of Statistics Lithuania, other public servants. The meetings are held on the last Tuesday of the month; if necessary, the date of the meetings can be changed.

In order to analyse and improve other aspects of the performance of the official statistical system, interinstitutional or Statistics Lithuania-based commissions and working groups are formed.


The Lithuanian Statistical System comprises Statistics Lithuania, the Bank of Lithuania and other institutions and agencies managing official statistics that carry out statistical work provided in the Official Statistics Programme.

The institutions managing official statistics in their activity follow:

Document updated: 2021-08-24