Statistics Lithuania carries out the investment project Development of the System for the Collection of Primary Statistical Data on Prices of Consumer Goods and Services and Compilation of Consumer Price Indices. The Project is financed from the State Budget of the Republic of Lithuania.

Duration of the Project: 1 January 2016–31 December 2017

The purpose of the Project is modernisation of the m-partner system for the collection of primary statistical data on prices of consumer goods and services and compilation of consumer price indices in order to automate data collection from online sources. During the implementation of the investment project, a new module of computerized price collection will be developed. Functionality of this module will allow the automated collection of prices of consumer goods and services from online data sources, their processing and use for the purpose of production of consumer price statistics.

Improvement of Official Statistics Portal (OSP) services and functionality

Statistics Lithuania is carrying out a project entitled "Improvement of Official Statistics Portal (OSP) services and functionality". The objective of the project – to expand OSP functionality, to improve the quality of the current and to develop new electronic services by making the most of the common-use system components. In 2016, it is planned to improve the functionality of the user interface, Database of Indicators, and GIS. The project is funded from the State budget of Lithuania.

Duration of Phase I of the project: 30 June–31 December 2016.

Document updated: 2017-12-19